Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bria Valente - Elixir Lyrics

Bria Valente - Elixir Lyrics Eye can see your face every time
Anywhere, any place in my mind
If my guard is ever low
Mmmm there’s a place that eye can go

Elixer, elixer, elixer

You can fight in vain
Eye'm gonna have my way
All night and all day
Seven tears fall like rain
In between the joy and pain
Ooh wee baby

Elixer, elixer, elixer
Ooh wee baby
Elixer, elixer, elixer
Yes he does

Hand in hand woman and man
Through the tallest doors, up the stairs
Two animals spawning in a river
They go there ooh wee baby

Elixer, up and down
Elixer, round and round
Elixer, “don’t stop baby”

Elixer... Elixer... Elixer

(Write this down)

With his pen, ink and tongue (amid the sound of machinations)
Is this real or all in fun (city noise)
He writes it there (oh yes he writes it)
Writes it there, elixer

Naked girl naked boy (single word that she heard}
They lay xposed (xposed)
Can you hear it? (oh yes she heard it)
Fully clothed

Elixer, it's early in the day for their relationship
Elixer, in truth he hardly knows her except for her lips
Elixer, mmmm she moans sighs and groans
Elixer, ooh baby... Elixer, do it baby... Elixer, almost there babe

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