Tuesday, 24 April 2012

CyHi The Prynce - A-Town Lyrics

CyHi The Prynce - A-Town 

Yeah ok I rap the..of my city
holy down for my town
I’m run down that 20
hell yeah is bound
no real nigga ain’t banking
all the way to stole mine
I’m throwing on to A-town
going on to A-town

Okay I’m blind out no limits
Keep ti big to my crowd
I hit the moll and I spit it
all just money I ..
I remember the ..palace
I remember the bounce
going on to A-town
going on to A-town

ATL home at the brain
so I had to make it zone for the A
shut it do the born for them raise
I remember the shit till I’m gone in the gray
busta like the ..with the gage
I’m sicker than the CBC
money longer than ..street street
been here before..
south side to the north side
I met the house to the court side
come to my city and the tour guy
I can take you to the .. this the new Atlanta
I’m a country nigga so excuse my manners
every night of the week it’s a club poppin
are you see a star like the movie channel
take it to the bluff and we kill the..
all these shottie movie use the..
I know they pissed off
could this shit..and only nigga we can use the..
money green from the new .. money A town so I had to do the..
zone to the.. shout out to the ..’cause I


ATL we back on the map
with every little nigga we got a strap in this laugh
anyway I just path capital..
blind out twenty ..as I turn the wheel as I turn the feel
around the corner as summer feel
I have sex with the girls as four seasons
had a bitch criminal time it’s filled
got me roads to Jimmy corner
from back the roll to ill town
this is why I made a lot of money
from all the benz that I mild down
my ..said that I was..bound
you trippin bitch you fail down
now drop out the school could a nigga open..
but look at me I’m doing well now
..with the win of grammy
bout sheavy you ..the candy
words of the shit like the high school
..have a girl with ..shammy
I..high AKA mister bag a bitch like coga
I just grab a..in Atlanta
I do this shit with..


Riding in the cut list smoking on the black
minute don’t kick multi..than that
spit it than that ain’t nothing…than that
ain’t nothing better than that
see the..shit like sell the fame that
all the sneaks entertain that
better take to the ..last nigga came here talking shit
and never came back
nigga I’m hot, hot like eaga p**sy
rolling at the heavy way crap crib lay back
the chick lay back my seat lay back
yeah everything match, never try we brave nigga we take you home at that
you look at ..whatever it’s the zone for that
getting paper ain’t nothing wrong with that
it was ..maybe camera wrong make me feel like this
or maybe outcast make me feel like this
switch up if you feel like this
..we get the charge we still got ..
thick it’s a dirty name if you skip at that
blame me on red and black what better than that
ain’t nothing better than that, ain’t nothing better than that


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