Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dolly Rockers - Gold Digger Lyrics

So there is a WAG in every mag that you all know
Thinks shes got everything but she ain’t got nothing
Well she was real plain, had no brain & had no dough
But now she can roll in it & watch her boobs grow

All the boys will pay Waoo-o-o
When shes out for prey if theyre straight or gay she wont end up alone
All the boys stand still Waoo-o-o
If looks could kill they probably will

There’s a brand new girl that’s going round
Turning the boys upside down GOLDIGGER
Shes an only child that’s been away,
Now shes back no-ones safe GOLDIGGER

Its all very well if you kiss n tell to get ahead
Fit blokes don’t count for much unless they got money
They pay for the glitz & the refurb tits & turned up nose
Maxes their credit card & then its heave h

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