Thursday, 26 April 2012

Eminem - I’m Having a Relapse Lyrics

Eminem - I’m Having a Relapse Lyrics 

Torture chambers, secret passage ways,
Vats of acid…. and deadly vaults.

Damn, it feels good to be back, like having a relapse.

How the hell did he manage to get more felony charges?
He’s already got life in jail, man, what the hell is his problem?
Well, to be honest, the smell of these chronic leaves make me hella demonic,
They compelled me to kill this elderly man
And I get these panic attacks, pop a Xanax, relax
Tryna to stick my fuckin’ dick inside a mannequins ass
Then I get manic depressed, see the orthodontist, get gassed,
Man, it’s kick ass, the first thing I put on is the mask

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