Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Esmée Denters - Admit It Lyrics

Hangin’ in the hood
Givin me the eye
I get the message
Why you gotta act shy?
Lookin at your light ahead
I can read your mind
You really want it bad
I can tell by the look on your face
That your really really really really in to me

Is it me or is it hot in here
(burning up, adrenaline rush, can’t get enough)
Is it really really or am i just imagining
(do I want it too much, am i making it up?)
I try to ignore you babe, but i keep coming back for more

Just admit it
I know you want it
Why you over there?
When you could be right here
Come and get it
You know i got it
Can't you read the signs?
Why you wasting time?

When you could be mine
(just admit it admit it)
(just admit it admit it)

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