Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jai Paul - Jasmine Lyrics

Jai Paul - Jasmine 

can you hear me jasmine
can you let me in
would you let me over
let me love you


it’s because i see you
is it cause i knew
she got the jasmine

jasmine uhh

i’m gonna simply tell you
what’s i’m gonna do gonna do
at least no one can come true
it’s where i close the
the when i came from true

jasmine yeah

gotta go
i must be a …

isn’t isn’t pull it in
’cause i was wrong
’cause i’m a fool
but i what’s her work to do
close to .. you put me through
be my dream come true

a world to..
i want you close to my heart
i don’t wanna do
just play my game come true

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