Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Jamiroquai - Smile Lyrics

Jamiroquai - Smile Lyrics Smile
Cause you are the one
Like beautiful birds
This is our song
I took you for a dancer
And now we’re here alone
No other eyes to see us
We’re on our own
So what’s your occupation (Baby won’t you smile)
Are you a fly by night? (Good to have you smile)
No time to waste in asking, I think that I’m right
And I can’t help but love you when you smile
Then we embrace
Like beautiful birds
This is our song
You’re the one baby (just smile)
We’re lost on the breeze
Like beautiful birds (in the sky)
This is our song
And it’s not too late to tango
And I want you all the time
Your lips were made to kiss me
Baby I like your style
I know I feel this good about

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