Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kevin Cossom - Things People Do Lyrics

Kevin Cossom - Things People Do 

Uh Yeah
See Us Red Love Til For Lunch, Prime For Dinner Time
Either Way I’m Spending Money Girl You Inner Fine
Everybody Always Boot A Proud In The Town
And I Do Anything To Have Your Body Right On Top Of Mine
I’m Addicted Sex Is Like A Drug
But It’s All Up Nothin Closed To Love, Love
Some People Gotta Have It, Some People Really Need It
Things People Do For The Sex

..new Love With Your Ex, With Your Ex
Some People Might Even Try Their Best
The Things You Would Do, The Things You Woul Do Oh
Things You Would Do For The Sex
It’s 3 A.m I’m Sending A Trunk Text , Trunk Text
Tryin Get That Stress Above Your Chest
All The Things You Would Do, The Things You Would Do
Oh Ohh, Oh Oh Yeah
Oh Ohh, Oh Oh Yeah
You Think You Got Yourself Unfaithful Lady
Everything’s Perfect When You Fall In Love
But You Don’t Do That Shit That Drive You Crazy
And The Bedroom ..say Enough

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