Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Paypa - Turned Up Lyrics

Paypa - Turned Up 

I Always Know What I Was Gonna Be When I Grew Up
And Where You Looking, I'm A Rapper
My Words Could Influence The Influential
Tabernacle: I Preach Like A Pastor
After The Finer Things In Life
What You Like? You Feel My Swag For A Day
Now She Tryna Spend The Night
Telling All Her Friends She Almost Had Me By The Balls
Well, The Lakers Almost Had Chris Paul..
Bitch, Get On, Get In Line And Take A Number
And I'll Call You In The AM
I'm Looking For The Money, So The Bank Is
Where I'm Staying
Malik Called Me, Said He Spoke To Don C
And That Nigga Heard Of Me, I'm Like "yeah Joe I Made It!"
See Where I Come From
If Your Name Make You Feared, You Can Make It To A Leader
See, I Ain't Get To See Watch The Throne
I Was In The Studio With My Headphones On..

I Got This Shit Turned Up
Cause I'mma Tear The Game Down

[Chip Tha Ripper]
The Underdogs On The Premisis
All-gold Margiela's
Yeah You Gon Remember This
So Much Work Need A Personal Assistant
Hater, Be My Guest, And Be The First Go To Against Them
You Know I'm Trying To Fuck You Bitch, Ain't On No Friend Shit
Everything I'm Wearing Is From Paris Or My Friend's Shit
We Only Friends For The Money, She My "pay Pal"
Where I'm From We Got Those Guns If You Don't Pay, Pal
You Gonna Be On 1st And 48th, Face-down
While I'm At The Bar, In The Club, Sippin Straight Crown
Watch The Throne Was The Greatest Rap Show Ever
Hopefully One Day I Could Top That With Something Better
Cash Rules Everything, As Far As Fashion
My Son Got All His Favorite Jeans, Now He Need A Mansion
You Know What The Problem Is
My Mixtape Better Than Your Album Is
Turn That Shit Up Nigga


It's Crazy How Them Hoes Call Me JJ From "Good Times"
Now They Tossing Me Vajayjay For A Good Time
My Watch Tell Time, Never Took The Time To Set It
I Just Got It Cause Them Diamonds Make Them Hoes Act Different
Don't It? You About To Witness
Transition Without Censorship
I Went From Signing Tickets To Titties With Great Penmanship
I'm Trying To Bring A Ship To The City Like Pete Rose
And These Niggas Tryna Treat Me Like ?
I Throw A Westside For My Westside Niggas
Outspoken In California But I'm From The Chi Nigga
I've Never Been A Villain, But I Villify Niggas
They Try To Clip My Wings, But I'm Still A Fly Nigga
I Been Overlooked, Stepped On, Knocked Down, Kept On
Never Dropped The Ball Once
When Y'all Gonna Catch On?!
Slept On's A Big Understatement For How They Did Me
But Now I'm Saying Fuck It, I'm Running Around The City
Turned Up...

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