Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pixie Lott - Boys And Girls Lyrics

I'm looking in the mirror and I think im liking what I see
Big big lights shining bright like in on the TV
My heart pumps as the bass drum jumps
You gotta move when the floorboard jumps
Somethings going on and I think it's going on right now

All the boys and the girls they've got it going on
And when the beat kicks in the feeling in your bones
When the basement packs and the needle drops
You can't turn back and you just can't stop

All the boys and the girls (you know you just can't stop) x2
All the boys and the girls

I can see the silhouettes dancing up against the wall
It sure feels good feels good yeah we're gonna lose control
Turn it on make it strong a good beat never hurt noone
Kicking up the dust and we're making every move me know yeah

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